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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paula welcomed us into her cozy apartment with an amazing brunch set-up: freshly-baked popovers, granola and berries, chilled champagne for mimosas and good, strong coffee. Needless to say, it was an amazing treat and served as the perfect set-up to get to know Paula in her minimalist but stylish home.


Can you describe your style for us? 
I do not subscribe to a particular design style, but in the past I tended to really integrate Mid-Century Modern aesthetics.  With this place, however, I went with updated takes on traditional pieces, such as the clean lines on my brown leather sofa or my vintage-y looking rug freshened up with a bright overdyed color.

Your last place in West Hollywood was also very nice but completely different.  Why did you want to switch it up this time around?   
I was furnishing that place from scratch and somehow it ended up being a lot of velvet and lacquer.  It worked for that space, but I sold off all the furnishings when I moved back to New York.  Actually, no two apartments of mine have looked the same.  I once kept a Philippe Starck Victoria Ghost Chair which I had bought at Kartell in New York for three (out of my now six) apartments, which is a long time for me.

You recently moved back to Los Angeles.  Why did you decide on the Hollywood area?  How important was location in terms of your apartment search?  
I was hoping to be further east within LA.  From there, it was about finding a good space.  I had been a bit more focused on Los Feliz or Silverlake, but when I saw this place, I thought I would give Hollywood a shot.  This is my third time living in LA, and I am happy to be back!


Where do you get your inspiration from?  
I poke around on design blogs and will pick up an Architectural Digest when I can.  I also get inspired by visiting people's homes and seeing what they've done with their places.


Where do you like shopping for home goods?  
A lot of the details at my current place were filled in by Craigslist, Target, Daiso Japan and HomeGoods.  It went with my pre-existing items from Craigslist, West Elm and Ikea.


You have some really fun items.  Can you please tell us where you got your bed spread and your couch?  
I got that duvet cover a couple years ago from Anthropologie.  My couch is from a line that Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams did for Pottery Barn, but I bought it off of SF Craigslist about 1.5 years ago.  I bought it as I was about to move from my own apartment in the Bay Area to my sister's place there.  She didn't like the idea of having a used couch in her living room so I had to keep it in my bedroom while living at her place.  I was determined to hang onto it, though, until it could be used in my future living room.  So here it is, finally.



Favorite home item/find?  
Maybe the most sentimental is that typewriter I have on my bookshelf.  I used it growing up as a kid before we got an electronic typewriter and then a computer.  I dragged it from my parents' house in Illinois a couple years ago.  I bought new ink ribbons for it but it does not seem to be working properly.  I might fiddle with it some more.

Favorite thing about your home?
I like that it is relatively pared down, without too many superfluous items, but there is enough going on to be interesting and inviting.  That is generally what I aim to achieve with each place.


Whats next on your to do list or shopping list? 
I may get a coffee table for the living room or maybe an area rug for the bedroom.  I got shopping fatigue in putting this place together, so these may have to wait until I've recovered.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a lawyer by training, but I am also trying to explore my creative interests.  In that regard, I am taking a class on art museums and another one on interior decorating.


We heard you had an interesting last few months.  Can you share what you were up to?
Starting last July, after having just quit my job in Silicon Valley, I went to work on organic farms in Montana and Washington and finished up in December.  I intended to return to LA at the start of 2014 to find an apartment and transition into a legal job search.

Thanks for entertaining us with a beautiful brunch! Are you more of a baker or cook?  Do you have any favorite dishes you like to make?
It was pretty huge for me to actually prepare food and serve it to people!  I have my time on the farms to thank for making me a more confident cook. I would say that I am equally a beginner baker and cook.  No favorite dishes yet, but if I can make it in a cast iron pan, I will try it!



  1. Hi Christie! Paula directed me here- nice work!!

    Paula, please invite me to an organic farm meal with a personalized Edward Hopper place card too. I will cherish and instagram it for all to admire! ;)


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