Abbott Kinney Neighborhood Tour

Friday, January 24, 2014

Touted as the coolest block in America, Abbott Kinney is full of trendy boutiques, great restaurants, art galleries, bars and hipster cafes.  It is also full of a dozen or so home stores, each a little different and special in their own way.

As soon I saw this place my eyes lit up.  The Juicy Leaf is a floral design firm specializing in succulents.  It's a one stop shop to build your perfect arrangement. You can choose all your design elements from the planter, sand, rocks and the succulent itself.  They also have plenty of beautiful already made arrangements if you are looking for a nice gift.

A&R has two locations (both in the LA area).  They sell all types of specially curated merchandise from watches to soaps but all have one thing in common.  They all match beautiful clean designs with high functionality.

Huset features modern Scandinavian designs for apparel and home.  Similar to A&R, most of their merchandise has that minimalist appeal (as is characteristic of Scandanavian design) but the difference is the warmth and hominess behind the designs. This quality is referred to as Hygge.

Bountiful is an antique store that's full of vintage elegance.  While you can find some of these items at a flea market, it's nice to skip the search and come here.  With a wide variety of items in all shades of color, you will be sure to find something or at least some inspiration here.

Abbot Kinney is located in Venice, CA in between Main St and Venice Blvd.

Mark's Home Tour

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mark's home blew us away - plain and simple. It's an architectural home, which is exciting in and of itself, but it really is a wonderful reflection of Mark's impeccable style and personality. Every piece in Mark's home serves a purpose or has a story behind it, and it all comes together to create a beautiful, liveable space.

You have an amazing home. Can you tell us more about the architecture and history of it?
Thanks! The home, which is called "Hearn House" after the original owner who commissioned it, was designed by Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright's son)in 1952. Hearn wanted a home that opened up to the outdoors and lent itself to entertaining. Lloyd Wright's design succeeds on both counts. I'm told that a yacht served as the inspiration for the design. If you stand down the street looking up, the structure of the living room cantilevered over the carport does indeed resemble the prow of a ship. It's definitely unique.

Photo via WWDIS

Featured Home: Library House by Jessica Helgerson

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I came across Jessica Helgerson, a Portland based interior designer, online and immediately appreciated her design aesthetic. Her projects reflect a broad range of styles, but each showcase a well-planned, cohesive look.

In particular, I was particularly impressed with the Library House - a remodel and addition to what was originally a public library in Portland. Amazing! As an avid reader and patron of public libraries, I love this idea. It's a mix of vintage and modern, and is a creative use of relatively small space.

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