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Friday, December 26, 2014

From the moment I approached Dikka and Vega's home, I felt like I was being transported to a place where sereneitiy, whimsy, love and art all combined and exploded into a magical place.  Their Glendale apartment was cozy but no short on the things that make a home special.  Both being from Bali, Indonesia, their place was filled with sentiments of the their homeland and culture but also combined with vintage americana and little tokens of their love all over.  Read more about Dikka and Vega's home and their story below! 

Your place is an amazing, serene, peaceful sanctuary with lots of character.  Has this always been your style or has it evolved over time? 
Yes our home is a reflection of our style. It hasn’t evolved much as we just moved here a year ago. We will continue to add little details to our home collection.

How would you describe your individual styles and personalities and how is it reflected in your home? 
Our style is eclectic. We derive ideas, style and taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. We like colors, patterns, vintage prints from the 60s & 70s as well as basics like black, white and grey. Our home is pretty laid back and have an easy and natural vibe with a crazy whirl of mismatched furniture pieces with different designs, patterns and prints. We also love to wear clothes that go well with the furniture even when we’re just chilin’ at home.

You are both in a creative industry.  What are your biggest sources of inspiration?
We would say world culture & history are our biggest inspirations which affected people through music, movies and fashion.

photo courtesy of Dikka himself
What are your favorite pieces that you have found over the years?
First, a pink table lamp with yellow shade from the 60s we found at a flea market. The design makes an aesthetic statement in our home. Secondly, set of yellow mustard armchairs we also purchased at a flea market for a really good deal. The color yellow mustard became our main color in our home after we bought the two armchairs.

Favorite thing about your home? 
The house plants. We have plants in almost every corner in our home. We love outdoor nature so much that we incorporate some of the nature elements inside our space. 

Whats next on your to do list or shopping list? 
Cute night stand tables, vintage photo frames, flower vases, vintage suit cases for storage, coasters and more little stuff.

What do you miss most about living in Bali?
The culture, food, people, beaches and good vibes. 

How do your travels influence your style? 
Culture influences our style. We came from Indonesia that has so many variety of cultures. We enjoy traveling to see and feel what the locals do in their daily activities. As you can see, our apartment is full of ethnic details and Indonesian touches in almost every corner of it, we call our home a “mini Indonesia”. 

About Dikka and Vega...
Tell us about your self...job, hobbies, etc.
We both work in the creative industry, husband and wife duo. Dikka, photographer (check out his tumblr) and Vega, fashion stylist. We work closely together and focus more on editorial work for fashion magazines, lookbooks, music album covers and our lifestyle blog. At home, Dikka loves to listen & play music records and just relax while Vega loves to take care of the plants and sing along to whatever music is playing. Sometimes the other way around.

You home is filled with so many tokens of your love.  Please tell us your love story? 
We were introduced by our best friend when we were 14 years old. We became what we called puppy lovers at that time. Overtime as we grew up, our puppy love grew stronger and got married in 2009. Best decision ever made! Then we moved to Los Angeles to find new thrilling adventure!

What are some of your favorite things to do on the weekends? Recently Dikka has been fixing and building his vintage motorcycle, so he can take his Vega around town to have exciting adventures like exploring new locations to shoot, finding new places to eat, or just cruising around and enjoy the cool californian breeze.

Do you have a favorite travel location? 
Our favorite destination has been Bali, Indonesia. It’s not just because we’re from there, but we are always curious of hidden gems that we feel we need to discover. We can’t get enough of that island. We’d love to check out Europe and more of Asia in hopefully near future.

What would be your dream careers?  Can you share with us your website?
Our dream career would be able to work and travel around the world.  Our work website is dikkavega.com :)


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