Esther and Frank's Home Tour

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We're really excited to bring you today's tour of Esther and Frank's home in Lake Balboa, CA.  We're not sure where to start with this one because not only is Esther a total DIYer but she's also a complete character (they don't call her @quirkyesther for nothing). Her talents go far beyond home decor and include being an amazing chef.  The day we visited, Esther made a delicious meal for us which included her famous ribs, sides and my favorite, the Momofuku crack pie (more on her later).

Although Esther may have been the mastermind behind their many DIY projects, Frank isn't a bystander when it comes to working a paint brush.  Their hard work has resulted in a warm, inviting place that has so many interesting details, it was hard to choose which ones to showcase here.  Their hand stenciled walls, quirky quotes and reupholstered pieces are just a few of the many special things about their home.
Customized Canvas Prints

Hand Stenciled Walls

Describe your style...
Eclectic cluttered cozy? I love a lot of different design styles and try to make them all work together.

Esther's Reupholstered Chair
Where do you get your inspiration from? 
Blogs, magazines, sometimes even just scrolling through Google images

You're a big DIYer...what has been your favorite project? 
My wingback chair was probably my most complicated, so because of that it is probably my biggest DIY achievement

Where do you like shopping for home goods?
Craigslist, eBay, etsy, HomeGoods, Target, Anthropologie, World Market

Favorite home item/find?
I really love our extra deep leather sofa. It is just a really cozy place to snuggle with our dogs and watch a movie or read a book.  My greatest bargain was a recent purchase of a 3-pack of scotch tape for 86 cents after tax from Tuesday Morning!

Favorite thing about your home...
I like to think it feels inviting and comfortable.

Whats next on your to do list or shopping list?
A new dining table, but we really should focus more on the exterior of the house.

Quirky Quotes
Fun nick nacks
Craft Room
At home with the pups

For our curious readers:
Tell us about your self...job, how did you meet, etc 
Esther is a miserable project manager in the biotech industry. She has never been described as a people person and is a bit of a grump. Frank is a QA lead in software engineering. He worked in the video gaming industry for while and is pretty much just a big kid. We met through friends and are both socially awkward but in different ways (Kotimaa: this is all according to Esther).

We heard that you are somewhat of a renaissance women...tell us about what what you enjoy doing/hobbies/talents, etc
You did? Who have you been talking to? I love fine dining, romantic walks on the beach... Seriously though, my hobbies include cooking, reading, traveling, crafting, playing with my pups, and tormenting my husband.

Why are you not making some of your talents into a full time job?  You are obviously good at them.
Thank you, that is nice of you to say. I'm mostly a big chicken and really can't imagine that anyone would pay me cash money to eat my food or buy something I've made.

Esther's Famous Ribs
You're big into cooking and entertaining...what are some of your favorite dishes?  
Polenta, kalbi jjim (Korean braised short ribs), chicken liver mousse, bbq ribs, eggs, cupcakes, cereal...

What are some of your favorite restaurants? 
E-Moon Ok in Ktown for sulungtang, Yu Chun in Ktown for nengmyun, Animal in LA, Sushi Spot in Tarzana, L'atelier de Joel Robuchon in Vegas, Levain Bakery in NY for the best cookie in the world, Joe's Shanghai and Great NY Noodletown also in NY for chinese, Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza in LA, Elite in Monterey Park for dim sum, Langer's Deli for pastrami sandwiches, Maison Giraud in Pacific Palisades for croissants... There are too many!

If you could trade places with one person in the world who would it be
I dunno if I want to switch places with anyone, everyone has their issues and I'm already used to mine. I'd love to travel like Anthony Bourdain, have a job like Padma Lakshmi, the culinary talent of my mom, Julia Child, Thomas Keller, Nancy Silverton, and Jose Andres combined, and the money of Warren Buffet.

Quirky Quotes
Decor for their annual whole pig roast


  1. Thanks for taking us on a tour of this home! Everything looks really lovely. I like this Esther person.


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